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Sun’s Out Guns Out look sharp and shape up for the summer

Sun’s Out, Guns Out is a trainer, nutritionist and motivational coach all in one app. In 12 weeks, we’ll help you tone and tighten for the summer season, so you can roll your sleeves up and feel supreme. More than supreme. Supremer.

Connect Sun’s Out, Guns Out with your activity tracker, fitness app, smartwatch or smartphone and you’ll have your very own program focusing on strengthening your core, shaping your shoulders, and getting those guns built for summer. You’ll also receive nutritional advice, created to satisfy big appetites.

You’ll shape your chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs and core with explosive workouts built to burn the extra calories needed to shed those last few pounds before hitting the beach.

Feeling fantastic is about the whole package of workouts, nutrition and rest. The program includes:

Step and calorie targets based on your individual goals
Full body video workouts to maximize calorie burn and tone
High intensity circuit workouts to increase fitness and stamina levels
Easy-to-follow advice from our team of nutritional and fitness experts
Recipes created using the best mix of nutrients for successful weight loss
Easy food diary with barcode scanning and all your favorite foods
Motivational feedback on your progress and a nudge of encouragement when you need it!
Compatible with leading activity devices For a full list of compatible devices click here
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Shape up as the temperature rises

Sun’s Out, Guns Out is designed and developed by real people. We know that training is hard work and that there is no quick fix or silver bullet. By working with activity tracker, fitness app, smartwatch and smartphone we’ll push you to do that extra sit up, inspire you to go further and get you in shape for the summer.

We’ll have you squatting and lunging like a pro, and making delicious recipes with the right balance of calories, protein and carbohydrates. We know changing your lifestyle is hard work, so we’ll be with you every step of the way, showing you what you can achieve and supporting you until you reach your goal.

It’s time to get those guns out. with Kiqplan’s Sun’s Out Guns Out.

  • Expert Tips
    Find program-specific tips from our fitness experts.
  • Weekly Videos
    Watch the latest videos for your workout regime.
  • Recipes
    Try out a selection of recipes for your workout plan.
  • Inspiration
    Grab a burst of motivation by checking in on the progress of other Kiqplan users.
  • Set your Targets
    Activity, nutrition and sleep targets set just for you, based on your goals and progress.
  • Track Your Progress
    View workout statistics and chart your improvement.
  • Earn Rewards
    Check your achievements and find out which ones are left to earn
  • Share Achievements
    Share your workout progress with others online.
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Get confident this summer. Kiqplan’s Sun’s Out Guns Out is the complete 12 week workout app crafted specifically to get your body in supreme shape.
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