How does Kiqplan work?

Kiqplan doesn’t just track steps, it shows you what to do next and inspires you to go further.

Pair your Kiqplan program to a range of fitness trackers and we’ll turn your data into a personalized 12-week training program to help you feel amazing.

Each plan is designed for you: your goals, your fitness levels and your ambition. We’ll show you what you’ve achieved, how you’re currently doing, and what will come next.

Working without you knowing, we’ll continually adapt your schedule and targets. Eat too much sugar in the morning? No problem, we’ll give you suggestions on how to balance it out across your meals throughout the day.

Kiqplan app in a phone

What do I get?

Feeling amazing is about the whole package of workouts, nutrition and rest. The program includes:

Step and calorie targets tailored to your individual goals and daily progress.

Full body video workouts designed to maximize calorie burn and tone.

Recipes created using the best mix of nutrients for successful weight loss.

Motivational feedback on your progress and a nudge of encouragement when you need it.

Easy-to-follow advice from our team of nutritional and fitness experts.

High intensity circuit workouts to increase fitness and stamina levels.

Easy food diary with barcode scanning and all your favorite foods.

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Weight loss and toning app for women of all shapes and sizes
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A personalized coaching app that will take you from couch to 5k in just 12 weeks.
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A personalized weight loss and toning app that will get you fit for the beach in just 12 weeks.