What is Kiqplan?

We’re an app, but really we’re a 12-week, personalized training program to help you get fitter, eat better, sleep longer and feel amazinger.

Kiqplan works with your smartphone, wearable tracker, fitness app or smart watch and cleverly turns this data into a personalized plan to help you achieve your goal, not just track your movement.

Simply counting steps is a road to nowhere. Covering nutrition, workouts and motivation, Kiqplan will inspire you to go further and make you shine. We carry a range of fitness, lifestyle and running programs, so whether your goal is to be fitter, lose weight, run your first 10k, or fit into your wedding dress, we’ll help you become that person you want to be.

You’ll receive weekly targets, health and motivational tips, workout videos, reports showing you how well you’re doing (with friendly ‘nudges’ along the way), and simple, healthy recipes with accompanying calorie targets.

Think of us as you very own personal trainer, nutritionist and mentor in the palm of your hand.

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Kiqplan app in a phone
Kiqplan will give you the nutritional advice and recipes you need to hit your daily targets

How does Kiqplan work?


1. Select your plan

You select the plan that's right for you.

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2. Pair your device

Connect your Kiqplan account with a range of trackers, phones, watches or fitness apps.

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3. Set your goals

Tell us about yourself and your goals.


4. Get on Track

Stay motivated and hit your weekly targets following the feedback and advice that Kiqplan sends you.


5. Achieve your goal

Achieve your goal - simple!

You’ll get workout plans and videos, exercise tips, advice and articles

Get active

With over 300 exercises designed by our team of fitness experts, Kiqplan has the most comprehensive training program to help shape, tone, tighten and sculpt all areas of your body.

Dynamic video coaching and audio instructions guide you through each session so you know what to do, how long to do it, and how each move should feel.

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Eat better

The Kiqplan database is filled with thousands of foods and recipes, including tasty dishes (all under 400 calories!) that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Search for your favorite foods or meals based on specific calorie targets or cravings.

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Stay motivated

Walk the Inca Trail, try out the Sleep Marathon or hike the Blue Mountains! Add some fun into your workout by taking on one of our many challenges.

We’ll support you, inspire you and suddenly those hills won’t look so big. 

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Experts will hold your hand every step of the way

Our plans

Weight loss and toning app for women of all shapes and sizes
Man plan to help you tone up and lose weight
A “get healthy” app for men and women of all ages and sizes.
A personalized coaching app that will take you from couch to 5k in just 12 weeks.
A 12-week personalized coaching app that will get you fast and fit for your 10k race.
A personalized training app that will get you bikini-ready in just 12 weeks.
A personalized weight loss and toning app that will get you fit for the beach in just 12 weeks.